Whether it be to find out how you are perceived, or how you should position your brand for growth, or even to grow employee engagement, we will design the right approach for your project. We’re an effective little team – we can work at any scale, and often a lot more efficiently than the bigger agencies or research providers. The type of research we’re experienced in includes:

survey icon Quantitative surveys that are conducted online, or traditional paper surveys to capture the  non-computer literate population! We design and manage questionnaires, and have qualified analysts who can report and interpret the findings. We’ve completed employee engagement and satisfaction surveys, political party member surveys and large-scale customer surveys.
one-on-one icon One-on-one in-depth interviews with stakeholders, clients or the general public. We use a   variety of research tools, including projective techniques to find out what people really think and feel. Using reputable recruitment providers, we are able to arrange interviews with people who meet a specific criteria, for example, people aged 35 – 60 who are planning to build in the next two years and are earning $100K+.
focus group icon Focus groups with members of the general public who meet a certain criteria, or groups of employees. We’ve done focus groups for fast food, telecommunications, political parties and construction companies.

We are happy to work with clients without doing research. If it’s not needed, we won’t suggest it.


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