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These days, people choose how and when they will engage with an organisation’s sales and marketing efforts. With access to mountains of information online, people research extensively before they buy. They don’t wander into car yards or display homes to find out more, they go to dozens of websites to research.

“…57% of the sales cycle is complete before a prospect reaches out to a sales rep.”

Digital Evolution, Conference Executive Board, 2012

The trend is this: People who have the resources and networks to make buying decisions without your input are happy to do so. This is a serious issue for business who have traditionally relied on Sales people or BDM’s to convert new business.

The challenge for marketers is to create content that meets people’s needs along the buyer’s journey. This content, produced as part of an inbound marketing strategy, is defined as content that is so useful that buyers will actively find it and want to learn more.

“Your marketing should be so useful that people would gladly pay for it.” Jay Baer

If high-quality content marketing is successful as part of an inbound marketing campaign, it reduces the need to spend money on advertising (outbound marketing). It also organically increases search engine optimisation, which means no paying dodgy social media practitioners who promise to “get you on page one”!

We’ve developed content marketing strategies for clients, from conception to managing production of content offers, blog posts and social media posts.

We are Partners with Hubspot, the leading tool to facilitate and optimise inbound marketing strategies. If you’d like to find out more about Hubspot and our inbound marketing services, please get in touch.


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