Brand Positioning

Do you know there’s at least 20 approaches to brand positioning development and brand story telling?! We’ve used them all – from the most simple ‘brand onion’ to the highly complex ‘brand music score’.

Based on your desired level of simplicity vs sophistication, we will use the model that’s right for your business.

But most of the time there’s some consistent elements to define in a brand positioning project, and these are:

  • Benefits/Value propositions – the messages that will grow the brand.
  • Personality – sets the style and tone of the brand.
  • Values – describes the common ground between what people value and what our brand values.
  • Meaning – and essence or core of what the brand stands for.

The reason it’s important to define the brand positioning, including the core components above, is that it sets the direction for logo design, copywriting and all brand communications.

Going through a brand planning process to identify your brand positioning is something we love to do. We start out with a few theories about how a brand is perceived, and after getting to know you in meetings, interviews and workshops, we are able to pinpoint the authentic meaning of your brand. This is a satisfying moment, when our clients often say, ‘wow, you’ve nailed us!’

It can be a bit surprising too, as quite often organisations are focused on the ‘facts and figures’ of why their brand is different to the competition. As marketing science proves, people often make decisions based on feelings, and sometimes that is a more effective way to position a brand.

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