“The challenge for Sandra – work with whole the team at RCT to create clarity and understanding about our brand. Although we have been in business for over 40 years we knew we could explain what we do better. Sandra took us on a journey, which continues, her approach was based on common sense, and she reasoned and argued where necessary. For example, to conduct external market research to support her understanding of RCT from the customer perspective from which Sandra underscored her recommendations. We respect Sandra’s strategic thinking and like the clarity in her delivery and engagement, we chose well. A ringing endorsement came recently after her presentation to an RCT learning lunch, one of RCT’s team members said that Sandra should be in our front line sales.”

– Bob Muirhead, Founder.


“I remember listening to a talk by John Steele, Head of Planning for WPPP and regarded as one of the World’s best. He said in his address;

“The role of the planner is not to be clever, but to be useful.”

As a creative, I agree with him whole-heartedly. What makes a great planner in my books is someone who doesn’t try to wow me with their intellect but rather enlighten me with their insight. It’s hard to sit down to a blank sheet of paper and even more difficult when you’re confused before you even start! It’s important that the brief you’re working to is clear and concise with a meaningful proposition as opposed to someone’s attempt at a positioning line. Which is why I enjoyed my time working with Sandra so much.

She never over complicated the process and always made my job easier by helping me understand the consumer and how to reach them in a meaningful way. Sandra is not only a very smart woman but also very down to earth. She really does understand people, what makes them tick and how to communicate with them best. I could always go to her with an idea and expect an honest and valuable response as to how effective she thought it would be. She was never afraid to tell me if she thought that whilst being ‘nice and creative’, the work was off brief or not relevant to the audience. And I always respected her for that. In the time we worked together, Sandra helped me produce some very successful campaigns and if I had to describe her in three words they would be… VERY VERY USEFUL.”

– Andrew Tinning, Creative Director.


“Sandra Brewer has been working with Webb and Brown-Neaves for over three years. In that time Webb and Brown-Neaves have experienced a tough financial climate in which clients and consumers have put a hold on any major plans including building a new home. This situation created the need for us to implement new innovative strategies to re-establish our brand and re-connect with our target market. Sandra helped us to design strategies that met our clients where they were. We created the WB ‘Momentum Magazine’ which utilised stories of successful client journeys to entice people back into the market and assure them that Webb and Brown-Neaves was the trusted and secure option when it came to investing their money.

With all of the previously mentioned factors, staff morale was also low so Sandra implemented brand workshops to encourage feedback and involvement from the Sales Team. This reinvigorated the team and gave them a sense of ownership and direction not to mention a greater understanding of the reasons behind why we were doing things the way we did. For the new team members it really helped them to understand the points of difference that our brand offers and how the brand was evolving.

Sandra is heavily involved at marketing planning time providing us with important consumer and competitive insights, she also creates and analyses our quarterly market research so that we have a solid understanding of how we are perceived in the market and what marketing messages are reaching our audience.

Sandra is an integral and essential part of ‘Team WB’. Not only is she very good at her profession but she is always contributing even outside the official scope of her job role with the sharing of articles, research and the ‘general feel’ from conversations she encounters day to day. She always demonstrates a deep affection for our brand and for our team and always has us at the forefront of her mind. Over the past three years I personally have learnt a great deal from Sandra and know that I can always trust her opinion or direction in any area I may have doubt. After a tough few years we finally have some traction with a refreshed and innovative brand and we couldn’t have done it without Sandra Brewer.”

– Kristy Russell, Marketing Manager, Webb & Brown-Neaves.


“The research project on the outset seemed quite insurmountable to the Mrs Macs Marketing team as we had a very tight turnaround time, but the team at Perceptive Marketing were not afraid of the challenge. They quickly responded with a project timeline and plan and were eager to assist with the project. The Perceptive Marketing team were friendly and professional from the get-go. Surveys were developed quickly and the Mrs Macs sales team were trained by Perceptive Marketing on how to go about gathering objective data from their customers using their iPads, as this was deemed to be by far the quickest and easiest solution to obtaining field data in such a short space of time. Sandra, herself, interviewed one of Mrs Macs Key Customers and included their views and opinions in the findings. The final report was very professional and it provided the business with the insights and results necessary to make quantifiable decisions.”

– Melissa Vella, Marketing Manager.


“I found the consultative process that Perceptive went through to be very enlightening and definitely gave us very good insight into what our marketing strategy should be going forward.”

– Dickie Dique, Director of Pindan Contracting.


“We recently had Sandra work with us to identify and formulate strategies for short and long opportunities to grow our business and customer base.  Sandra was able to quickly understand and encapsulate our thoughts and helped us to shape those thoughts in terms of our brand, our competitors and what consumers want now and into the future.    This included working with our employees, customers and suppliers to truly understand our current position and full potential.”

– Sonya Meehan, Product & Marketing Manager, Motoring.

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