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Our Story

Perceptive Marketing was founded in 2010 by its current director Sandra Brewer, an expert in brand strategy and advertising effectiveness.  Prior to founding Perceptive Marketing, Sandra led an impressive career in marketing management and brand planning, including Mars Confectionery in a Global role and Senior Planning positions at two of Perth’s leading advertising agencies, Marketforce and Meerkats.

Sandra recognised that while there are plenty of good advertising and creative agencies in WA, that advertising is just one way to grow sales. She saw the opportunity for an independent brand consultancy that would work with clients to identify the optimal strategies for profitable brand growth.

With Sandra’s innate ability to understand people’s perceptions, find real insights into their behaviour and formulate effective strategies, Sandra went from one successful project to another, until her workload became too great to handle alone. That’s when other experienced consultants joined the wider Perceptive team.

Our Philosophy

At Perceptive, we think the purpose of marketing is to cause an effect.  An effect on the really important things that will change brand performance for the better.

Human beings are funny things. We attempt to plan, make logical and rational decisions, but often end up acting with our heart. No matter whether people are choosing something to buy, who to partner with on their next business venture, or deciding who to work for – they are using their heart and their head.

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At Perceptive Marketing, we understand how people think and feel, and what will make them change to benefit your brand.

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