This is why emotions are more powerful than facts.

My boys want a dog. Every boy wants a dog.

My boys have been doing a good job trying to make a case for buying one. It’s fun as a marketing consultant to assess their strategies.

Of course they and employ emotions, saying “we really, really, really want a dog, pleeeeeeeassssee?” They’ve even been mentioning some of the functional benefits. They’ll play outside more often, it will teach them responsibility and it will get them away from screens.

But none of these pleadings have made me feel like getting a dog as much as this little video.

As Marketers it’s up to us to make the case for emotions in communications. Emotions are proven to be more superior in creating positive purchase intention (even in B2B businesses) than facts. Unfortunately they are often desperately overlooked by business people who list the benefits of their company or brand, and miss out on a big opportunity to really make people FEEL.

Get your tissues ready, and I’m off to research where to find a pet dog!

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