Planner. A terrible job title but better than Marketing and Communications Strategist?







A quick search on Seek finds jobs for Town Planners, Project Planners and Financial Planners. Most people won’t have heard of an Advertising or Strategic Planner. So the profession doesn’t just have an awareness problem, Planning might have a bit of a brand identity issue too!

So what do they do? Ask any number of Planners to define their job, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find two answers that are the same.

There are many resources that attempt to define the profession, but we like this definition from the Account Planning Group UK the best;

“The application of disciplined and insightful strategic thinking, grounded in target audience insights, which has a significant and demonstrable impact on the quality and effectiveness of a brand’s marketing message and communications.”

Damien O’Malley in “Account planning: an American perspective” said that Planners “take a complex mass of disparate information and make it coherent,” or in other words, trawl through all available resources, and using their own understanding and analysis, deliver the clear and insightful essence that makes brand communications compelling.

More importantly, Planners deliver real business value. Generally, there are three questions that Planners endeavour to answer:

  • Why are we doing any advertising or communication at all?
  • Who are we communicating with?
  • What should we say and why?

In correctly answering these questions, Planners make communications more effective. And the effect is the desired consumer action; whether it be to ‘like’ a page, research a particular topic, visit a store or commit to a purchase decision.

Planning is often talked about in the context of an advertising agency, but this is certainly not the only place for it. Perceptive Marketing brings the insight and strategic advantage of Planning to businesses that may choose not to work with an advertising agency or have the internal resources for strategic marketing.

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