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Mrs Mac’s is a trusted, iconic WA brand; a clear market leader in pastries.

In 2014, Mrs Mac’s wanted to ensure that their product offer still met the needs of an ever-changing market in terms of product delivery and storage requirements.

Mrs Mac’s were faced with limited time and resources to make their important decision. They commissioned Perceptive Marketing to undertake an urgent research project to provide Mrs Mac’s the knowledge and insight they needed.

Perceptive Marketing developed an online survey to be administered by Mrs Mac’s Sales Representatives during their regular visits. A representative proportion of small, medium and large trade customers were surveyed with data recorded on iPads. In addition, a Perceptive Marketing senior consultant conducted an in-depth interview with Mrs Mac’s most significant trade partner.

It was clearly evident based on both qualitative and quantitative results that although the market had changed, that the current offer still met the market needs. The solid, quantifiable evidence provided by Perceptive Marketing enabled Mrs Mac’s to proceed with confidence in making decisions on their product offer, based on strong unequivocal data. Our client said;

The research project on the outset seemed quite insurmountable to the Mrs Mac’s Marketing team as we had a very tight turnaround time, but the team at Perceptive Marketing were not afraid of the challenge. They quickly responded with a project timeline and plan and were eager to assist with the project. The Perceptive Marketing team were friendly and professional from the get-go. Surveys were developed quickly and the Mrs Mac’s sales team were trained by Perceptive Marketing on how to go about gathering objective data from their customers using their iPads, as this was deemed to be by far the quickest and easiest solution to obtaining field data in such a short space of time. Sandra, herself, interviewed one of Mrs Mac’s Key Customers and included their views and opinions in the findings. The final report was very professional and it provided the business with the insights and results necessary to make quantifiable decisions. Melissa Vella, Marketing Manager, Mrs Mac’s

Thanks so much, Melissa! Pictured below: Sandra from Perceptive Marketing devours the famous Mrs Mac’s pie, nom, nom.

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