Quick, plan your marketing fast!

Oreo Lurpak KleenexMarketing in real time is a challenge for brand marketers and media planners. Once upon a time, an event would happen in the community, and agencies scrambled to get ads ready for the paper in the next day. Not now – it’s immediate.

Three great examples of real-time planning include;

Oreos during the Superbowl – a ‘command centre’ of Oreo marketers created and approved witty, relevant content that was retweeted and Facebook shared thousands of times.

Kleenex who achieved a 40% increase in year-on-year sales by monitoring outbreaks during cold and flu season, and advertising in the right place at the right time.

Lurpak butter, who recognised that people turn to comfort food when they are feeling low, built a tool to measure the nation’s mood and advertising at low times. One ad was a photo of warm, indulgent food with the headline, “the rain’s not going to get us down”.

Three good lessons for brand marketers and agencies are;

Be relevant – don’t jump on anything, make sure it suits your brand

Be ready – you can’t wait for the CEO to sign off on creative, so manage your processes so you can act fast

Have a plan – maybe even a portfolio of what’s ideal, and some loose rules around what’s acceptable

And go for it!

** You can read more on this subject in the article ‘Planning for Real Time’, Admap September 2014 by Tony Regan of Brand Performance

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