Marketing Strategy vs Art

When I was a student in my first year of Commerce at UWA, I remember in my Marketing 101 course studying the definition of marketing; “Marketing is the satisfaction of consumer needs and wants through the provision of products and services.” Or something.

For students of Business, the first lesson is that sales success comes from meeting consumer’s needs. Only a dedicated, rigorous analysis of consumer’s rational and emotional needs will reveal tensions that can be resolved by product or service X, Y or Z. That there is the formula to business success.

What I’ve learnt from experience is that art can fulfil people’s needs – no research or analysis required. Artists have the ability to triumph over business analysts in understanding our deepest desires.

It’s a thoroughly different approach – rather than a Marketer starting with peoples needs and developing a product or service, true Artists start with their product – their music, painting or dance – and people discover it. It’s not consumer-led creation, its idea-creation.

But what happens when Marketers and Artists collaborate is the potential to great brand stories, ideas and advertising communication.

I’ve had the fantastic experience of working in a collaboration with someone I’d describe as a talented artist, Troy Barbitta. That’s his work featured. Together we provide brand strategic advice (that’s me) and creative services (that’s him) to our client, Webb & Brown-Neaves, a premium home builder in Perth. Many great Ad Agencies do this – combine strategic planning services with great commercial creativity to create compelling brand stories.

The combination of Marketing strategy + Art is an approach that enables authentic connection with people, to meet their needs and drive real brand growth.

[ Please enjoy looking at Troy Barbitta’s work here: ]

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