How do your employees play their part?

Employer branding is my topic of the moment. I’m delighted to be working with Inpex and their agency, Equilibrium, to define the Inpex brand positioning.

In my background reading under the heading “Keep it Simple” was this strategic brand planning advice for organisations, “Engage your employees in your vision and make them an integral part of it. If each employee understands how to play his or her part then your business will be more able to cut through complexity and not be distracted by it.”

That’s good advice. A motivating employer brand should answer for each person in the organisation how they play their part. If I could a tiny bit of complexity to that, I’d say the brand should inspire people to feel like they want to play their part.

I read a story recounted by branding expert Robert Bean. He recalled visiting a BMW dealership with the company’s CEO. Finding the toilet grubby, he summoned the manager and said, “the ultimate driving machine?” He didn’t need to say anything else, the manager knew what he meant. He knew how to play his part.

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