Woodside does what’s right, even when it’s not easy.


Woodside has triumphed at the recent Randstad Awards, being judged the most attractive company to work for in WA.

What’s commendable about this achievement is that it follows a significant investment by Woodside in building their employer brand perception.  Woodside have invested in their brand to create a certain perception of the company as an employer, and this award recognises their success in doing just that.

The branding campaign demonstrates the Woodside team, in partnership with their advertising agency, The Brand Agency, have dedicated a lot of time to uncover what’s special about them.  What makes Woodside a differentiated employer to all the other prospective employers? What do their prospective (and current) employees aspire to be part of?

The answer, is that Woodside employees don’t take the easy route.  According to ads, “Woodside does what’s right, even when it’s not easy.” They’ve produced a differentiated and compelling advertising campaign to support this idea, and backed it up with lots of clear examples of how this claim is true.

The implication is, “hell, if you want an easy job, apply somewhere else”. It a promise that sets a standard of values, behaviour and performance which prospective employees want to associate with. It passes the BBQ test. When asked “where do you work?”, people want to feel pride and recognition in naming their employer.

It’s very fitting that Woodside’s claim that ‘success doesn’t come easy’ has been rewarded with this award. No doubt convincing a management team that investing hundeds-of-thousands-of-dollars in brand building activity wasn’t easy. It’s been more than worthwhile. Now they will reap the real rewards – stronger prospective employee attraction, employee retention, and growing shareholder value.

Kudos to The Brand Agency and Woodside.

The Randstad Awards are judged by the general public. The largest 150 companies in Australia are selected, and then a National panel of 7000 respondents select the winner, including 650 Western Australians.


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