Explain your brand to a child

I had an interesting chat with my seven-year-old son on the way to his dentist appointment this morning (don’t all good parent and child conversations happen in the car?)

He asked me about a favourite building-company client of mine, and asked, “Mum, what do they do?” In very simple terms I had to explain it to him. Rather than just give the obvious “they build houses” I had to think quick and run through in my head a list of further details. I had to consider;

Who do they build for?
What sort of houses do they build?
Why are their houses different to anyone elses?

Of course these are just the sort of questions that define a brand positioning. And if you can’t explain your brand positioning easily to a child, perhaps you’re making it too complicated.

… Just in case you’re interested, my building client builds premium homes for those people who understand the difference is in the detail.


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