Listening to consumers’ problems. So simple. So often overlooked.


I have wanted a car seat handbag holder for my whole life.  Any woman can tell you the utter frustration of having the entire contents of your handbag emptied on the floor of the car upon hitting the brakes a bit too hard.  Or your tray of sushi, like happened to me this week :/

Full kudos to Nissan Micra for integrating this into their current car design.  Perhaps other brands have done it before, but I’ve never noticed until now.

So why has it taken so long?  Do you get the feeling that there’s extremely qualified engineers and technical genuises that design vehicle features, and they obsess over things like engines, features and actual driving performance?

But what people want is so simple.  A solution to their problem.  It’s a smaller problem than getting from A to B safely of course, but nevertheless a big problem for female drivers.

Now I just need to figure out how to get my family of five into the teeny Nissan Micra…..

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