Finally, the infographic I’ve been waiting for.

It’s hard to determine actual social media (grr, hate the word media, as per my previous blog post on the subject) penetration in Australia.  There’s been little publicly accessible data on usage by Australians.  This is often required to convince clients who think that Facebook is only for their teenage kids and the like.  But to be fair, if you’re making critical decisions about reaching an audience (grr, hate the word audience, as per my previous blog post!) you need to weigh up spending money on bought media like radio or print ads vs investing in activities that live in social networks.  This infographic provides just the stats required support the creation of ideas for Facebook, especially.

Kudos to Burson-Marsteller Asia-Pacific for the data, more of which you can find here:   BM_AP_SocialMedia_Infographics_Booklet_H12011.pdf