Ideas, not ads

There’s a little diagram I’ve been using in my head lately to do communications planning.

It’s come about due to the dramatic shift in the way consumers “consume” messages about brands.  The 1950’s – 2000’s was all about broadcast media.  Brands broadcast their messages, consumers consumed, and the sales results varied accordingy to the quality and quantity of that broadcast.

Now, that model of communications is over, as consumers don’t consume brand messages in the same way as they used to.  They are active participants, seeking out information about products and services that they want.   There no room for one-sided, rose-coloured  brand messages.  The truth is out there, and if your product or service sucks, your prospective consumer will find out.

So, to the diagram.  If you’re not broadcasting a message, what are you doing?

I believe it’s trying to find the sweet spot between what people (formerly known as consumers) are looking for, from the category or a deep human need, and what your brand can authentically provide.  The intersect is an idea, that can come to life in TV advertising, digital projects or experiential events.

It takes some deep strategic thinking to find insight/s about what people want, and deliberate detective work to find out what your brand can authentically (and distinctively, and competitively differently) provide.  But if a great idea is developed at the intersect, it will be worth ten times more than any broadcast message.

Next post – what constitutes ideas and some great examples.  Have any to share?

2 thoughts on “Ideas, not ads

  • Hey Sandra,
    Good way to describe it. Sales/marketing people often get too tied up on the left side of the blue circle. Production/operations people always chasing the right side. Gotta keep everyone in the middle somehow!


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