We’re all part of the story now

Once upon a time, news organisations researched, collated and delivered news to us, the consumers.  Once upon a time, goods and service organisations devised messages and gave them to advertising agencies to creatively deliver to us in various mediums.

Now, thanks to internet technology, we are part of the news, creating, researching the stories alongside journalists.

We’re not just consumers of messages anymore.  We share our messages about brands and their quality of goods and services directly to each other.

From a great article by Louise Burke on thewest.com.au (http://au.news.yahoo.com/thewest/opinion/post/-/blog/louiseburke/post/231/comment/1/) she made this relevant observation;

“It is increasingly apparent that people no longer want to only be told a story. They want to be a part of its incarnation. They want to watch it break and turn from rumour to fact, discuss it with the rest of the world, analyse and satirise.”

It’s the same for advertising.  Viewers just don’t sit and consume TV advertising anymore.  Some great points were made by GM of Retail at iiNet, Matt Dunstan in his recent blog (http://blog.iinet.net.au/tv-advertising-dead/).

Technology presents such a great opportunity for brands to engage with their community.  The fact is, consumers are already involved in building the brand story (like it or not), and it’s up to organisations to understand how to make it a great experience for them.

It’s so exciting and there’s no going back from here.