Marketing to the locals

A couple of recent events have underlined the power of Twitter as a local marketing tool.

Firstly, my fave local delicatessen and produce store began tweeting.  Well, I just couldn’t get their food out of my head.  Within days of them commencing I was there (for the first time in a few weeks), buying up deli meats, cheeses and fresh bread.  Mmmm.  Good work @SeraphimSP.

Secondly, a friend tweeted that he had a tradesman mate that was looking for some work.  Very nice of @ianspence.  My other half is a builder, and has an almost immediate need for this trade.  They made the connection and who knows what may come of that single tweet?

These are simple initiatives, and close to free.  How enjoyable to be involved, meet your community and build your business at the same time.

I know there’s plenty of examples of great cafes, bakeries and restaurants doing great stuff on Twitter.  What marketing initiatives do you like in your local community?