A great brand workshop

Today I facilitated a brand workshop with a great team of people.

The basic elements of a good workshop are probably well known – take a group from across the many functions of the organisation, tell them what you are doing and why you are doing it, and give them the knowledge and permission to think conceptually.  People who are used to dealing in facts and figures, right and wrong, need to be assured that subjectivity is a good thing.

A brand workshop facilitator relies on a suite of typical activities to define a brand – competitive sorts, word sorts, “if we were a celebrity, who would we be?” and so on.

But each brand challenge is unique and it’s incumbent on the marketing consultant to get creative, and design a suitable activity to get to the heart of the issue or opportunity.

Today I worked with a brand that required;

  • firstly, to determine whether there was disconnect internally as to where they saw themselves,
  • and secondly, to determine whether externally they stood for something that was clear and consistent to their customers.

Taking inspiration from Top Gear’s “cool wall”, we positioned dozens of brand names from all sorts of categories and mapped whether they were flash, or not-so-flash.  “Flash” being a deliberately foggy word so as not to direct the activity.  By creating this comparison, we were then able to determine the space for our brand.

Further analysis down the track will reveal the gaps in perception and consistency of the brand, both internally and externally.  The right brand positioning and strategy can then be crafted.

Thanks to my great client for providing the inspiration!

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